Acoustic mirror Summary

Acoustic mirror is a device used to restore and concentrate the wave’s sound, one of the measures used in the past to pinpointing through sound. The first Acoustic mirrors were military developments. They were used to predict the location of enemy aircraft.

Prior to World War II and the invention of radar, acoustic mirrors were built around the coast of Britain to provide an early warning system.

Most famous facilities still stand in Kent , England, elsewhere in Britain (including Sunderland, Redeker, Bowlby) and on the island of Malta. The best known among them on the former base of the Royal Air Force Denge at Dungeness and Hythe in Kent can still be seen today.

The sound mirrors the mid-30s virtually unusable because of the aircraft's speed has increased significantly. Development of radar led to the end use and development of the technique. The sound mirrors were a great help in developing the first radar systems.

Acoustic mirrors are used today as demonstrating physical principles, and can be found particulairy in science museums.